SAP Finance & Controlling

    • Sector
    • BFSI
    • Sub Sector
    • Finance Controlling & Resource Deployment
    • Occupation
    • Finance & Controlling
    • Duration
    • 100 Hrs.
    • Assesment & certification
    • SAP SE, Germany

Program Summary

This module provides in-depth knowledge and understanding in accounting theories and practices underlying major accounting issues. Students get exposed to much complicated transactions compared to entry-level module. This qualification pack covers a range of complex accounting tasks and students will learn and master financial processes, including advanced bookkeeping, final accounts, and G.S.T treatments in business. Students are trained in accounting principles and application of accounting theories in preparation and analysis of financial statements.

Program Insights

  • On job training in 3 month transaction files of the company post diversification of business into service line consisting of more than 150 real transaction documents like credit note, debit note, cheque bounce memo, hypothecation agreements etc.

  • Accounting of loans taken, its repayment, calculation of interest on both EMI & reducing balancing method, creation & utilization of interest suspense account

  • Accounting of bad and doubtful debts, depreciation, capital adjustment/withdrawals by partners

  • Accounting of advance payments, outsourcing work, treatment of loan provided to employees, unsecured loan for business & monthly GST adjustments

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