• Sector
    • BFSI
    • Sub Sector
    • Lending, Fund investment & Services, Payments, Broking, BFSI Processing
    • Occupation
    • Finance And Accounts
    • Duration
    • 350 Hrs.
    • Assesment & certification
    • ATI Skills & Tally
    • Business Type
    • Construction
    • Pre-requisite
    • Accounts Assistant (Level-I)

Program Summary

In this module, student gains in-depth understanding of accounting tools and deals with advanced level transactions & encounters complex accounting situations. The student gets enhanced job skills, confidence and knowledge in analyzing rigorous financial techniques with practical relevance. Becomes an expert user of financial statements & understands variations in accounting practice, and learn to control existing & new business accounts

Program Insights

  • Hand-on training in 9 month transaction files of the company consisting of more than 500 live transaction documents after expansion of business into construction line of business.

  • Entering partner exclusively for a new business line, inter business transactions within same unit, differential treatment of purchases and direct expenses for existing trading line and new business line.

  • Introduction to AS7 construction contract standards, recognition of contract revenue using percentage of completion method,

  • Carry forward of IPT, inter component accounting, cases of OPT exceeding IPT, payment of tax, adjustment of GST from various business lines , basics of Income tax, payment of advance tax at stipulated time frame and accounting of the same

  • Annual finalization of accounts, preparation of trading profit & loss account & balance sheet.

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